01. Rescue teams are [scanning] the sea for signs of a plane that crashed into the ocean in storms late last night.
02. If you [scan] the article quickly, you will probably get enough information to answer most of the questions.
03. We [scanned] all our family photos onto the computer, and sent the best ones to my parents by e-mail.
04. We got a new [scanner] for the office so that we can transfer all our documents onto computer.
05. I've only just [scanned] through the want ads, but I haven't seen any jobs for teachers.
06. He signed the document after a quick [scan] through it showed it to be a standard waiver form.
07. The anxious mother [scanned] the crowd for signs of her lost child.
08. All luggage going through the airport is [scanned] with a metal detector.
09. He underwent a [scan] to determine if the cancer had spread.
10. My wife has had a couple of routine [scans] in the last couple of months, and the baby looks perfectly healthy.
11. Ed Daly once said that surfing is good for the soul because worries seem to drift away as you [scan] the horizon for the next wave.
12. I didn't read the article carefully; I only [scanned] it.
13. When driving, it is important to [scan] from left to right when entering an intersection.
14. Computers and lasers are used in supermarkets to [scan] prices of items.
15. The lion was snoozing in the tree, only opening an eye from time to time to [scan] for trouble.
16. The computer is [scanning] for viruses right now, so it's not available for use.
17. I did a [scan] on the computer and found a couple of viruses.

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